Saturday, October 18, 2014

A trial in a carpark? And other choice phrasings...

This ad appeared in ST a couple of days ago...

We know that that there is a hospital bed crunch in Singapore, and a taxi crunch may occur just when you need one...

  But a courtroom crunch?? What kind of a trial is it that requires a large space like the T1 carpark? Wouldn't the aircraft noise drown out the proceedings?

All became clearer in today's ST (Oct 18):

So, in the ad above, the extra words "for a trial" in the header made for confusing reading! Any elaboration is best done in the text that follows:


There was this other story a couple of days ago...

It's a great idea to make our streetscape look less drab. But perhaps the relevant authority could have been bolder in the crossing's design. I had earlier blogged about creative zebra crossings elsewhere, like those found in this link:

17 creative street art zebra crossings


This sign below is absolutely, totally, unambiguous, but it is almost rude, like someone shouting at you!...


Finally, going by this ad, if you are what you eat, does that make you nuts?

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