Sunday, October 19, 2014

Smart and dumb questions about smartphones.

A letter which appeared in ST Forum piqued my curiosity about smartphones (more on that letter in a bit). What I wanted to know was, "What was the first smartphone and how did this now commonly bandied term come about?"

This link below answers such questions as:
* Was the Apple iPhone the first smartphone? Spoiler: No, it was not!
* So what was the first smartphone then? Was it a best seller?
* What defines a smartphone then? Is the touchscreen its essential feature?

Who Invented the Smart Phone?


Now for that letter...

(Distraction: I circled the word "can" because it is a common, and bad, Singaporean usage. Of course optometrists or opticians can weigh in on the issue! What is to stop them from doing so? Anyway, back to the issue...)

The letter elicited a response:

So now you know! If you have young children, take note.

I have one more question: Is it OK to use a cellphone (whether smartphone or dumb phone) inside a lift (or an elevator, as the Yanks call it)? Here's the answer:

Using a Cell Phone in an Elevator

Finally, if you have a smartphone (of course you have... what a dumb question!), do you agree with this statement?...

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