Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nostalgia! Octopus game, old movie tickets, and banana notes.

Someone posted this online, Angie saw it and sent the image to me:

Memories flooded back to 1981... when these compact hand-held Nintendo Game and Watch devices -- powered by tiny watch batteries -- were the rage worldwide. Angie remembers lying on her maternity ward bed playing furiously on the Octopus game while waiting for Lynn to pop out of the oven (it was an eight-hour wait).

I remember coming home from work at 2am... and if I was not working the next evening, out came my own Octopus device and by the time I was finished, it was closer to 6am!

I don't recall having kept our by-now antediluvian Game and Watch sets. But this YouTube video of someone playing Octopus is so wonderfully nostalgic to relive!!...



I also wish I had kept as keepsake yesteryear's movie tickets such as these:


Finally, I was not even a concept when these "banknotes" were issued. But I have some of them somewhere among my stuff...

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