Thursday, October 30, 2014

As strange as Halloween...

I am sure Singaporeans were taken aback by this report (ST, Oct 29):

I can't comment on the other case -- the earlier incident involving the Australian private jet -- but I am sure the Singaporean side in this instance would have followed procedures with due diligence. So it seems strange that an interception took place at a time when all the diplomatic niceties were gushing out over the installation of the new Indonesian President, Joko Widodo.

Stranger still is this photo provided by the Indonesian air force and used by ST in its report on the aircraft's release (ST, Oct 30):


Let me put it this way: How would the Indonesian public have reacted if the situation were reversed and Singapore had ordered its fighter jets to intercept an Indonesian civilian plane, made it land and then released a photo showing an Indonesian civilian pilot, head bowed, being held tightly by the arm as he is marched away?

So, to me, what is strange is why did the Indonesian air force release the photo? And should ST have used it?

Ah, Halloween, my favourite topic of the month... I think it is beyond strange -- it is bizarre! -- that the Chinese would so enthusiastically embrace this all-American event:

There are Singaporeans who seem to have been bewitched by Halloween. But this ST cartoon (below) is beyond strange. It is silly!...


Finally, strange editing is still taking place at ST:

Unmanned rocket? Since when have rockets been manned for this report above to specifically say this was an unmanned rocket? Rockets are the launch vehicles that carry a payload. That payload might be just stuff like satellites to be placed in orbit or that payload might be a space craft -- manned or unmanned. Even the (manned) space shuttles have to be "strapped" onto two large rockets for their planned missions. The rockets fall off at some point and the space shuttle later makes it back to earth on its own using its own small onboard rockets.

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