Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Go figure these out!

I don't think the person who wrote this ST Sports page headline, or the people who cleared it, know what "father figure" means:

Djokovic is father to his son, not a father figure to his son!

Here's what the expression "father figure" means (Merriam-Webster Online):

On the basis of this definition, there are people who see Mr Lee Kuan Yew as a father figure:

There is another way that "father figure" may be used (Urban Dictionary):

A journalist has to really know what the words he or she use mean. At least that's how an old school retired journalist sees it.


Thanks to my cynicism, I learn new things. I was initially puzzled by the editorial writer's choice of the phrase "public intellectual" to describe Mr Ho Kwon Ping. Just what is a public intellectual? Are there private intellectuals then?

But this term has come to be accepted in intellectual discourse. Here is an interesting expose on the subject by MIT physicist and essayist Alan Lightman:

The Role of the Public Intellectual 
by Alan Lightman

The only question that remains is whether Mr Ho is so eminent that he deserves to be conferred the sobriquet "public intellectual".

Going back in time, what is Ancient History? This ST story below says Ancient Singapore is that period from 1300 to 1818!...

My goodness! The Industrial Revolution is said to begin around 1760 but that's all ancient history. What is wrong with calling that period in question Pre-colonial Singapore?

Finally, this is a great photo, with a very nice headline given by ST...  

For a clearer resolution of the photo, see this Wall Street Journal story:

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