Thursday, October 9, 2014

Words... you reap what you choose.

Cliches (continued)...

Someone obviously likes cliches at ST...

But, seriously, what does "Turkey keeps powder dry" here mean? Why make the reader guess what is meant here?

If you must use cliches, the context must always be relevant and unambiguous. "Baying for blood" here is equally inappropriate...

As for "cursing the haze", at least get the cliche right (cursing one's bad luck).

Cliched expressions should be avoided like the plague (hee, hee) but they are all right if effectively used, especially in the context of word play, like this one:

So what are the worst cliches ever? Huffpost (note its cheeky headline) has this list which includes "Avoid like the plague"...

Worst Cliches: 13 Expressions You Shouldn't Be Caught Dead Using


Rats! You want a quote, you'll get a quote!

So here's a very nice quote from one pest controller...

But I do not know if mere words can get those non-alpha rats to hightail it back to their lair.

Quote note: The correct phrasing in that second paragraph above should be "price quotation" or "cost quotation".


Massacre? Watch your word!


Stop calling it the haze, it's the bloody smog!


Jargon alert: Just what is 'age-proofing'?


How to describe a chilli padi? Let me count the ways! 

Come to think of it, would she be looking still so "smoky" if her lips were bee-stung?

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