Friday, October 17, 2014

How, how, how...

How nice of Google... it remembered my birthday!

How thoughtful of Microsoft... I was tinkering with Windows Mail's setting when this popped up!

How touching... this sign!

How to do a hatchet job... on yourself!

How Samsung made Apple kowtow to it!

How to reimagine the map of this Little Red Dot...

How awesome... this Janus-faced picture!

This one too... how awesome is this work of art!

How strange this ad... I think they just anyhow lifted his picture for their ad!

How do you mean? Ban launching... of what?

Photo taken by Kean Gene (in China)
How likely is this to happen in real life??

And, finally, how I spotted Isis in Singapore...
Isis Doc lah! (It is a face and body spa business)

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