Friday, October 3, 2014

So who has gone nuts?

'Huge' Jackman?

ST, Oct 3
This write-up (above) works... the play on words is quite tastefully done.

But the headline writer (below) has gone nuts!...

ST, Oct 3
The intro for the story can get away with its use of "fondle" because it is clearly being playful. No one expects Hugh Jackman to be actually fondling his balls for the sake of the cameras. He grabbed his crotch for the photo shoot... yes. But "fondle" in a headline that doe not appear to be a tongue-in-cheek one? That's making it appear as if Jackman was really fondling his nuts! The headline writer must be nuts.

ST, Oct 3
The picture caption (above) is also fine... these guys are "clutching their crotches" -- that is, posing -- for the cameras. I do not expect that they will continue to so that after the shoot is over.

Anyway, I don't suppose the guy in this cartoon below resembles the actor...


There was a clutch of good letters. The relevant authorities have to answer them...


ST, Oct 3
ST, Oct 3


Finally, why would anyone want to take a "crash course" out at sea? You want the ship to stay afloat!...

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