Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Behemoths, bloopers, and ball kids.

The RSAF's tagline...

..."Above All" is being given a new twist -- in the form of a radar-fitted unmanned dirigible with an eight-man (ground) crew and kept aloft at a height of 600m! Now that's "Above All, 24/7":

The details are on the RSAF's Facebook page...

So the next time you look up the Singaporean sky, don't panic when you see this blimp -- a behemoth of the sky. Alien invaders have not arrived (unless they come disguised -- a la Trojan Horse -- as the RSAF's aerostat)!

Did you notice the unfortunate blooper in the story text above?

Now that I have "blown up" the text (haha!), I am sure you did (hint: something that is "highly valuable" may also be referred to as "invaluable").

Here's a clutch of four more bloopers I spotted in ST recently:

It is a common layman's error. Battleships (a category of warships) no longer exist in all navies, with only the US Navy now using its remaining behemoth of the sea, the Iowa, as a naval museum.

As for this one below, part of an advertorial, it is also a common grammatical mistake. I don't think I need to say what the correct form should be...

One might be forgiven for thinking there's nothing wrong with this headline below:

But the story is NOT about the rising cost of staging cyber attacks. It is about the rising cost of preventing cyber attacks!

This one below -- it keeps happening -- is totally unacceptable by the angmoh in question!!...

As we say in Singlish, "Sorry no cure".

Finally, we all know what are ball kids...

They are the youngsters deployed at tennis matches like the recent WTA event held here in Singapore. This quote from one ball kid should have been tweaked by the sub-editors:

C'mon, don't you guys have enough balls to change the unfortunate wording to something like this:

"...So we must make sure the ball kid on the right has enough tennis balls on hand." Wordier, but one that's not at risk of creating a double entendre.

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