Tuesday, September 16, 2014


ST, Sept 16


So you want to be a journalist?
(this will be an occasional "column")

Why is this story unacceptable?...
(Answer at the end of today's blog entry)

ST, Sept 16


It looks like an apple, it tastes like an apple, it even has real apple seeds inside...

So why does the label have to say "100% pure apple(s)"? What would the fruit be like if it were 90% apple, 50% apple, etc...

This other NZ apple label does not need to be pretentious:


Here's why that story is unacceptable...

The woman cited in the earlier case was charged in June LAST YEAR! Well, what happened? Surely the case must have gone to court already. If not (and such a long delay would be very odd), there should have been an explanatory line in the story to say the case is still pending.

So did you pass this test of journalistic alertness? Stay tuned.

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