Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stuff that makes you think.

Fear of making mistakes? This celebrity parent shares some words of wisdom...

ST, Sept 4

Fear of making changes? These monkeys teach us something about "received wisdom"...

ST, Sept 4


Be curious! It helps you ask all the right questions...

ST, Sept 4

So what's missing in this otherwise interesting and informative story? If you are naturally curious, that's pretty obvious. What class of fish do manta rays and sharks belong to??

Answer (Googled): Sharks and manta rays are elasmobranchs (cartilaginous fish).


Really, Mr Biden?...
Okay, it may be a figure of speech but the imagery I get is that the Gates of Hell will then open and everyone nearby will be drawn in!

This one -- from Mr Obama -- also puzzled me...

"Destroy" in this context means "to wipe out", right? So how does the "punish (and) degrade" parts fit in? You toy with and tease them before you destroy them?

I think this social phenomenon is universal... it is probably happening in Singapore too:

ST, Sept 4

Still on food for thought, I'll wrap up with what my favourite US politician recently declared:

Sarah Palin: 'Eat Less Chinese Food' to Reduce Trade Deficit

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