Sunday, September 7, 2014

From a classy classic car to a piddle poo-dle...

My first love

The year was 1961. I was just 10 years old (11 only in October). But I had fallen in love!

She was just sooooo beautiful. I saved up to buy a Matchbox diecast model in red, and then a Dinky Toys diecast model in red:
And, later (as a teen), I also had an Airfix plastic kit, in red:
So, all the best to Jaguar Cars for their successor car, the F-Type:

Was the E-Type iconic? For sure, But that buzzword need not be used, as the very well written ad copy above shows clearly. Well-chosen alternatives like most beautiful car, signature outline and distinctive shape make the same point elegantly.  

Geylang, my Geylang!

I have fond memories of my teenage years in Geylang, after I moved out from Pulau Bukom. These letter writers (ST, Sept 6) describe the contemporary scene:

This person below attempts an out-of-the-box solution to one of Geylang's infamous activities:

Hmmm. Take your pick....


How Brady beats the hot weather!
(His out-of-the-box solution)


Litterally, a poo-dle?

Finally, this pic must have been snapped by someone with the literalitis condition...


  1. Yes, Beng, I had so many dozens, of all types, in all!