Sunday, September 21, 2014

A fallen tree (how I became a tree hugger)/More droodles (it's a test of creativity)...

I was on my way to the NUH Medical Centre for an appointment. Walking up the pedestrian ramp to get there, I saw ahead a tree trunk lying on the ground...

Curious, I went back down again and headed there....

The tree had clearly been purposely felled. From the size of the trunk, it must have been a majestic and fairly tall tree when alive but -- now that it was dead-- it looked forlorn, shabbily discarded. Its other limbs (?) were stacked in a pile, presumably waiting to be carted away:

Was the centre core of the trunk, the heartwood, diseased and/or attacked by fungi so that the tree now posed a public danger and had to be chopped down? Or was it felled for some other reason despite it being still fairly healthy? Or, maybe tender loving care might have restored it to good health. I am no arborist so I would not know.

But I did learn that a tree has vital parts that need care and that people do vandalise trees:

I wish I knew if the tree had been felled unnecessarily. And I guess I had become a tree hugger.

I thought about the "two men walking abreast" droodle I had posted yesterday. It seems that droodles may be traced back to the 16th Century and that this one below was the first:

And I found a link claiming that droodles may be used to test one's creativity:

So go ahead and find out how you score on the 12 "test" droodles therein.

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