Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mixups, mixed reactions, and messed up!

A Rice by any other name?

I think the Chinese are pretty red-faced, and it has nothing to do with their communist ideology.

From the New York Times:

From the Washington Post:

Chinese state television thinks Susan Rice is Condoleezza Rice


Rule,  Britannia or Rue, Britannia?

Of greater concern than just a name mix-up is the possibility of Scotland going its own way. The Washington Post asks this very pertinent question:

Would Britons be British without Scotland?

The Straits Times was, however, quite insensitive with this rather gleeful headline (or was it taking sides?) for a summary:

That said, the actual story that ST carried had a very good headline, playing on fears that the British pound would be hit:


Moving on to local stories...

Ask the wrong questions, and he'll give you these answers!

ST, Sept 9

This is a social benefits package that costs $8 billion. So the question should be: Let's have more details of the income/wealth distributions of the 450,000 PG-ers. 

If this expert is asking all the right questions, people should pay attention!

ST, Sept 9
 Game-changer... a very apt choice of word!

ST, Sept 9


Finally, on the humour front, this came from Lee Huang:

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