Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Behind the headlines...

One more (local) additional to my collective-noun series...
A flock of Pioneer Generation seniors

ST, Sept 2
What the government has not told us yet (and MPs do not seem to want to ask) is: How many of these 450,000 PG-ers are millionaires? Having said that, there are indeed many, many PG-ers who deservingly will benefit from the scheme. But what are the breakdown figures beyond that magic 450,000 number trotted out?

Why is China so paranoid about US spy plane flights near Hainan island?

The answer is these recent news stories:

I do not think one needs to be a military expert to realise that submarines need to be stealthy from the moment they leave their base. It is a deadly cat and mouse game. The Chinese want the Yanks to go away and stop snooping around Hainan island. The Americans know that if a sub slips quietly away into deep water, it is much harder for them to track it.

Meanwhile, the British Isles are facing a dilemma of their own, even if the headline below is somewhat sensational:

Why Independence Could Put Scotland In Danger Of Russian Invasion


Back to our region. The Chinese will not be happy with this news:

The Soryu-class is deadly! And the cruise missiles such boats can carry may be nuclear-tipped if Japan ever breaks its self-imposed taboo:

Five Weapons of War China Should Fear


So imagine Soryus on China's northeast flank (Japanese) and Soryus on China's underbelly (Australian). I wish Tom Clancy were still alive!

Interesting ad... since when have hotshot corporate honchos been snagged this way?  

Methinks these guys were recruited via the traditional head-hunters' way...


Invasion of the asterisk police

Finally, ST should not get so asterisk trigger-happy!

What is ST's guideline on this? Will we see p*nis, br***t/s, and even b***side? Sheesh. I hope TODAY has more ba**s than to pander to this kind of misguided moral policing.

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