Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sino-US tiff: War of the rappers!

There is so much unsettling news these days about the state of international relations among the big powers in the East Asian region...

Will jaw-jaw be more persuasive than war-war? How about a "battle" instead between two rappers... one American and one Chinese? Yes, a Chinese rapper! You gotta watch this...

American rap vs China rap
(warning: content has coarse language)

I found an earlier Sino-American "contest", in the economic/financial arena...

US-Sino Currency Rap Battle

Some Taiwanese animators got into the act with this black-humour parody of What Does The Fox Say?...

What Does The Panda Say?


A Headline Poser

ST, Sept 17
Is this a witty headline? Indeed it is. It effectively plays on how whisky sales to Singapore are not likely to be affected if the "YES" voters win the day.

But it is also an inaccurate headline. "Scotland splits" means that; it does not mean Scotland splitting from the United Kingdom. Pity. It could have been a great headline.

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