Saturday, September 6, 2014

And now, Singaporeans' latest favourite buzz word...

...which is:


Okay, I can understand the label "iconic" being applied to, say, that Toa Payoh playground, the Capitol Building's facade (although I have issues with calling it "The Grande Dame") and the Jurong Bird Park's waterfall aviary (the world's first and tallest man-made waterfall).

These are/were landmarks that have stood the test of time. Film-maker Eric Khoo used the label correctly:

But to call structures that have yet to make their appearance, or even those that have been newly built, "iconic"?...

There is even this absurd ad...

...and there are lazy headline writers who simply throw in "iconic" regardless of whether it is the appropriate choice of word:

When we use the label "iconic" as applied to physical objects, we are really talking about "iconic designs". So, going beyond buildings, playgrounds and waterfalls, other worthy examples might include, say, a truly classic design like the original Mini car.

A good expose of iconic designs may be found in this link:

The term "iconic" or "icon" may also be applied to individuals or groups that are a cut above the others in their field, or at least stand out in some distinctive way. Joan Rivers was certainly iconic...

So, fellow Singaporeans, don't anyhow use "iconic", hor!

Finally, here's one more list of Joan Rivers' famous quips....

ST, Sept 6
After this, every time I see the sign "WET FLOOR", I will always have a good laugh!

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