Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekend roundup.

Autumn Leaves (the way Old Blue Eyes imagined them)?

KA pointed this out to me...

ST, Sept 13
It is a story about ideas to make public spaces like the Rail Corridor more appealing. Sounds good. After all, as this picture in the story shows, the disused railway trail could do with some sprucing up...

But, as KA pointed out, two odd things stick out about the visualised impression below of the proposal for a more exciting Rail Corridor, at least in the segment highlighted here:

1) Why is the foliage suddenly bursting out in autumn colours? Has someone successfully towed Singapore -- just one degree/137km/85miles -- north of the Equator so much further north (northeast, actually, and having to navigate through various seas) that we now have one of the four seasons, autumn (fall to the Americans)?

2) And why are the people in the illustration mostly angmohs???...

Sheesh! Anyway, saner Singaporeans are in danger of losing the fight to convince our people that we are a hot, tropical country all year round...


Those were the days, my friend...

I guess I was, like Dr Lee Hock Seng, one of those who ambled and even stumbled through university life in the manner described above. But those were the days, my friend.

I wonder what percentage of Japanese are having the same thought bubble?


Singapore Pools finally replied... are you convinced?


Such a wonderful quote... I love it!
(From SunTimes Recruit pages, Sept 14)


Finally, Irene and Soh Chin put this on Facebook:

Read the story if you are now curious yellow!...

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