Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Could you say that again?

If looks can kill, wait till you see Primal Girl

If a guy (a film producer) says a gal (the lead actress he's casting) is "very primal", what does he mean?

ST, Sept 3
Does she look "very primal"?
So let's look at the meaning of that word...

Does he mean she looks primitive (first meaning above) or she has qualities that are indispensable to the movie (second meaning)? The reporter should have asked him.

Virginal image?
(When a girl keeps her head above water while the rest of her is below water)

Like A Virgin? But all of her is above water!
When was the last time you heard the word "bonkers"?

Gosh, it has been a long time since I heard it! It's very British and it means mad, crazy. It was said to have been first used in the 1940s but is of unknown origin. Does anyone know better?  

There's even a song aptly titled Bonkers, by Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden:


When used as a noun, "crackpot" means an eccentric or foolish person. As an adjective, it means something that is eccentric or impractical.

Heard of the Crackpot Index? Here it is:

Here's another very British word: codswallop

If you want to tell someone he's talking nonsense/a load of rubbish but you want to pack your rebuke with greater wallop, this is the word to use!


Half past six

Thank you, Dr Mahathir, for reminding us of that old-fashioned idiom, half past six! It means: not up to standard, not up to par, shoddy, etc. But, once again, its origin is clouded in some mystery. The definition below gives no indication of origin but do read the comments attached and you will find a sexual context. I especially like the reference to usage in Trinidad: “He clock always readin’ half past six and he flashlight always dim”.

Ass, not A**
Yesterday (Sept 2), I felt it was silly of ST to use asterisks just so as to avoid using the word "ass":

Today (Sept 3), ST seems to have lost all such inhibitions!...


Finally, figure this one out:

What is one-quarter fish and three-quarters duck?

Hint: Like fish and duck, it is a four-letter word.

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