Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In seventh heaven, in Mar's orbit, and wishing for The Dark Side of the Moon...

Singaporeans are in seventh heaven. Joseph Schooling has clinched the Men's 100m Fly gold at the Asian Games. I like Yahoo! Sports report best:

Yahoo! Sports, Sept 24

Joseph Schooling on winning Singapore’s first Asian Games gold: Want to overtake me? Die trying


Meanwhile, Indians were overjoyed to learn that their shoestring-budget Mars space probe had successfully gone into Mars orbit (I had blogged about it on Nov 5 last year):

India's first Mars satellite 'Mangalyaan' enters orbit


Finally, I learnt today that I had nothing in my brain, and that's supposed to be good!

I underwent a brain MRI to rule out any lesions in my brain that might have been causing my spine to "pinch" and as a result affect my gait while also causing a stabbing pain in my shoulders and arms, especially on the left side.

As I was settled into the machine, the radiographer fitted headphones on my head and said: "You will hear soothing music to help you cope with the loud noises." I asked if I could request Pink Floyd. The young man looked nonplussed. He had never heard of the legendary rock band.

So what "soothing" music was played as I lay there for 30 minutes? The first was "Tears in Heaven" and the second was "Right Here Waiting (For You)". Hmmm. Thankfully, the last tune was "Morning Has Broken". I had survived.

Anyway, the doctor came by later to say, from his preliminary look at the result -- he will have the more detailed report ready the next day -- I had "nothing in my brain"... and so I had nothing to worry about. Thanks a lot.

Pink Floyd is still swimming in my head, though. So here's the YouTube video of three songs from their concert featuring their The Dark Side of the Moon album:

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