Friday, September 5, 2014

Joan Rivers, The Boogeyman, and a thought-provoking letter...

The one and only Joan Rivers is dead, age 81. Everyone's posting tributes to her, and I am no exception. The Guardian's write-up, with memorable video clips, is very good:

Satire is alive and well across the Causeway! Thanks to Tom for this one titled

The Boogeyman

But satire from well-known online spoof site The Onion did not work with Facebook, as this Columbia Journalism Review piece noted:

A thought-provoking letter...

Toto is popular with the heartlanders, many of whom do not earn very much. But will they be reading, and grasping, what this man, who is president of Credit Counselling Singapore, is saying?

ST Forum, Sept 5 
Incidentally, there is an unfortunate blooper in the letter. The sub-editor and the more senior editors who did the checks should have spotted this!...

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